Tip off!

First, my name is Brian and like many of you, (hopefully people are reading this), I am an everyday fan. I do not have any connections in sports nor any advanced education within the sports field. I am just a life long fan of sports and very opinionated.

If you’re easily offended or part of the “world must be PC” crowd, I am sorry LOL! No, really if you fall under those criteria my writings may not be for you. I do however encourage you to read on and follow to see if this is something you could be interested in. So, lets pop the cherry!

Take ONE

Baseball. Americas pastime. How on earth are you supposed to develop new fans and or keep average fans when there is little to no action! As a baseball fanatic and traditionalist, I am one of the many fans who enjoy the game for the way it is. However, most consumers now deem it too slow and just not exciting. Make the damn pitchers face more than one dam hitter. Every time a hitter takes his sweet ass time adjusting his batting gloves or panties award the pitcher a strike. Vice versa, every time the pitcher takes an elongated stroll around the mound during an at bat award a ball to the hitter. Force these guys to move their ass!

Take Two

How many people, less than one year removed from giving birth, can ascend to the top of their profession? Holy Shit is Serena impressive! She may not be moving as eloquently as she was pre-kid but wow! And to be able to still have the agility while carrying along two twenty-pound milk jugs?! She is the epitome of Woman power! Keep doing what you’re doing Serena!

Final Take

Shut the F up about how the Warriors ruined the NBA! Nobody said that the real goat MJ ruined it when he won 6 titles and dominated the NBA for a decade. Golden State has revolutionized the game and others are copying the trend. Let us not forget they were an injury away from possibly being eliminated by the Rockets. I for one am thoroughly enjoying their absolute dominance over the league and witnessing history.

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