The Mookie Monstah!

There is a creature wreaking havoc on Major league pitchers this season. No, it isn’t that fish we all seemed to catch as kids, and no it isn’t the gavel slamming giant in the Bronx. unfortunately to my chagrin it is none other than thTheMookieMonstah!e Monstah, The Mookie Monstah!

Mookie has been on a steady climb up the ranks for baseballs best player and this year he may have just reached the pinnacle. The Mookie Monstah as I’ve crowned him is dominating every aspect of the game. He is leading baseball in avg, slugging, ops, 2nd in obp, runs, and is close to top 10 in stolen bases.

Last night was the perfect example of why Mookie is as unstoppable as anyone we’ve seen. After falling down 1-2 in count that is where is excellance unveiled itself. When Justin Smoak looked like a 50 year old dad stumbling over his kids toys in the middle of night and dropped the 3rd out you knew something special may happen. Mookie continued to fight off tough well located pitches by J.A. Happ. This battle concluded on the 13th and final pitch of the At Bat:

He absulutely destroyed that baseball like it was a cookie that he’d been anticipating the whole at bat. You just cannot get this man out right now! Therefor from this point forward, this Yankees fan will only call him; “The Mookie Monstah!


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