“Gurley Man” he better be good

Todd Gurley signed a 4 year 60 million dollar extension, with 45 million guaranteed. They’re locking up one of if not the best pure runner in the NFL but also a back who like Le’ Veon has already sustained knee injuries. Unlike Bell however, Gurley has never been in trouble with the league for drugs, hasn’t been all over social media, which is rather surprising considering how the 2016 season unfolded. He comes with a lot less baggage and risk then Le’Veon does however, they better hope he doesn’t get injured nor fall into trouble. Forty-Five million guaranteed is a lot of green for the most hit/targeted position on the field.

Gurley returned to his rookie form last season and amassed 1305 yards on a 4.7/carry avg while also demolishing his previous receiving totals to 64 receptions for 788 yards. The 13 rushing tds and 6 receiving tds gave him 3 more total scores than his first 2 seasons combined. Gurley is rightfully so being compensated for his performance on the field and lack their of off the field. He keeps quiet and “clocks in” as I’ve wholeheartedly said should be the requirement for salaries. He has earned his pay raise for previous seasons yet, the Rams are now praying to the football Gods that he does not get hurt and or in trouble. Hopefully he sets the example, and proves me wrong that football players should receive guaranteed deals too.


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