Dak to the Future!

DakisbacktothefutureThe 2017 season began with uncertainty surrounding Ezekiel Elliot’s possible suspension and lofty expectations for the previous years surprise fantasy darling. This however, did not stop the Boys and Dak from picking up right where they left off the previous season.

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

A ho-hum first game vs the Giants where Dak completed 61% of his passes, threw for 268 and 1 td, then a disastrous yet productive performance vs Denver where he threw for 238, 2 tds and 2 picks, seemed to have proven many experts prediction of a sophomore slump. However, these games preceded a 4 week stretch where Prescott was starter level again as he accounted for 11 passing tds, only 2 ints, and added 3 rushing tds. 2 weeks later, in what would be the last game with Zeke in the backfield until week 16 (fantasy championships), Dak added 2 more passing scores, 249 yards through the air and yet another rushing touchdown. To this point in the season, he had amassed 16 tds, 4 picks with 1818 yards passing along with 195 yards and 4 tds on the ground. Porjected over a full 16 games he blows past his 2016 totals which placed him 6th among fantasy QB’s.

That was the end of Prescott being a fantasy starter however.Cowboys Falcons Football Over the next 6 weeks without Zeke, he plodded along to 5 tds and 7 interceptions. He did add 2 rushing touchdowns and showed signs of hope during two blowouts of abysmal teams Washington and New York but this wasn’t enough to keep him in good graces with most fantasy experts and especially this fantasy player alike. Definitely left a sour taste in many believers mouths.

Amazingly enough, Dak still finished top 12 (starting fantasy QB), in most formats while dealing with an unhealthy and declining Dez Bryant, six full games without one of the games most dynamic running backs, and a plethora of other wide receiver injuries. He is being ranked by many as the 15th-20th best QB for fantasy purposes making him my most intriging value at QB. The addition by subtraction of (who happened to be my favorite Cowboy over the last 5 years or so) Dez, the signing of Allen Hurns, drafting of Michael Gallup and a reportedly more dedicated and mature Ezekiel Elliot, means “The Dak Attack is back!” I expect 30-35 total tds, 3500 pass and 400+ rush yards on the season.

Dak and Zeke

Photo: David Richard, Associated Press


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