The news of Nike and Colin Kaepernick joining forces for Nike’s 30th anniversary brings up mixed emotions. I personally still, and will always believe that the Anthem and flag are sacred and should be immune to being used as a platform for protesting. When Kap kneeled during a game, in my hometown of San Diego, and the place I saw my dad retire from the Marines after 23 years, I was hurt and offended. Growing up with a parent in the military and many deployments/war zones, the flag and anthem have a different meaning for me as it does to every American.

Just to be clear, I fully understand that there was/is no protest of the Flag and or Anthem. However, like many Americans when all this occurred last season I was pissed and hurt.

Saying that, and without discussing the past too much, I think the agreement with Nike will only assist the progress of joining people together. Last seasons issue created disagreements and arguments which have lead to real discussions. Issues that to some are an epidemic, and to others non existent are actually being talked about.

Nike, being the most popular apparel company for sports has customers of every color, race, ethnicity, and gender. It also represents everything that is great about sports which is that all of that aforementioned stuff doesn’t matter.

My anger and hurt has turned to more listening and debating. I am still not a fan of Kap the footballer(he was good, not great) but, I believe he has started a debat for good, and sports once again should be viewed as an example of what society should be. We never agree on everything, some are held in higher regard than others, some are treated worse, but in the end we’re all teammates and need to work together.

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