Anyone who is a fan of the NFL, fantasy football, and football in general is familiar with the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. For over a decade now we’ve been witness to quarterbacking like none other. His ridiculous off balance throws and crazy hail mary’s have left us in awe and always on the edge of our seat when he’s playing.

The key phrase is “when” he is playing. Having now suffered multiple clavicle fractures,

AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn

a foot fracture and multiple calf injuries, the threat and almost anticipation of when, not if Mr. Rodgers will get hurt is always there. Tonight our fears were felt.

When no.12 was lying on the ground holding his knee the first thought is always ACL. Then watching him try to walk off the field only to collapse to the ground it seemed all but set that his season was over. Not even two halves of football and we’ve lost the most exciting player at his position for the year. The first half finished to the silence of Lambeau as everyone in attendance assumed the worst.

Then, out of the tunnel for the 2nd half, just like a movie, Aaron Rodgers appeared. In uniform, helmet in hand, ready to go back in for the first Packers possession. HOLY SHIT! was all I could spew out of my aw struck self. Losing 20-0, Rodgers proceeded to show us, the fans, and the rest of the NFL world why he is the highest paid player in the league.

He completed 17 of 23 passes for 273 yards and 3 TDs all in the 2nd half with the dagger, and lead taker being a 75 yard catch and run by Randall Cobb with just under 3 minutes left. Rodgers was throwing pin point lasers on one leg after returning as he very blatantly favored his left leg all night. With no mobility and only one leg to throw he still carved up the Bears like they were a deep dish pizza.

We have become accustom to these kind of performances from generational talents like him. Tonight was special though as he led a somber Packers team and whole fan base back from the dead while rising himself like The Undertaker. Post game, NBC reporter Michele Tafoya asked him “how do you put this one into words?” His answer should simply be: I’m AARON F#@CKING RODGERS!


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