“Flash” Gordon to the rescue

Jason Miller/Getty Images, Today the New England Patriots made the bold move of acquiring Josh Gordon from the Cleveland Browns. The troubled Gordon enters a much more stable organization where he could flourish into the superstar we all thought he’d be way back in 2013 when he had over 1600 receiving yards in only 14 games. Having only played in 11 games since then as a result of multiple off the field issues, Gordon is a high risk, Extremely high reward player.

Trading for a high risk player is not unfamiliar to the Patriots, as seen in 2007 when they traded troubled wide receiver Randy Moss. He and Tom Brady broke NFL records for passing and receiving TDs that season with 50 and 23 respectively. Will we see TB12 and Flash mesh as well as Moss and Brady did?

In 2007 when the Patriots finished 16-0 during the regular season and Brady broke the single season passing touchdown record, Rob Gronkowski was a freshman at U of A. Little Wes Welker was the teams second leading receiver, with guys named Stallworth, Gaffney, and Watson all making minimal impact. Now, in 2018, Gordon enters a lineup with Chris Hogan, James White, Julian Edelman, and of course Tom’s favorite red zone target Gronk, already eating very healthy.

Josh Gordon will need to learn a new playbook, as well as stay in line in New England before he becomes the beast we know he can be. His immense talent will for sure show up when and if he keeps straight and earns Brady’s trust. There are plenty of targets to go around on the outside but don’t expect 90+ receptions for the Flash. On average I think he’ll hover around 5-7 receptions for close to 100+ yards as he’s definitely not going to be running the short routes. I see an uptick in TDs for both he and Gronk, as now the Patriots will be able to line up with 2 legit end zone threats. ROS projection for Gordon: 74 receptions for 1100-1200 yards and 8-10 touchdowns.


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