“What the hell is goin on out there!”

Well, this past weekend was a very eventful one. In college football, we saw a winless Old Dominion team defeat Virginia Tech after opening with 3 straight losses to Liberty, FIU, and Charlotte. Army took Oklahoma to OT, Michigan woke up and held Nebraska to 17 total yards in the first half, and Alabama reminded all of us why they’re no. 1 by manhandling A&M.

In the NFL, A recently locked up with guaranteed money, 74 million to be exact, Jimmy Garoppolo tore his acl and is now lost for the season. There are now four! yes four teams with a 1-1-1 record, and the Patriots are 2 games out of first place for the first time since 2002! Most importantly and most notably is the amount of roughing the passer penalties being called right now.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Clay Matthews was flagged for a second consecutive week when he sacked Alex Smith late in the 3rd quarter. Also on Sunday, Miami Dolphins defensive line man Williams Hayes tore his acl by trying to avoid landing with all his weight on the QB during a sack. The worst example of the new roughing penalty to me was Monday night when Gerald McCoy literally wrapped then let go of Ben and allowed the qb to fall himself. then JPP tapped Big Ben in the helmet for a penalty, along with many old school hard hits on qbs.

Over the past few years the NFL has implemented multiple rules which are intended to protect the athletes. The execution and consequences of these new rules may be overshadowing the purpose of them however. Games are now being impacted more by rules which are still being perfected than the athletes and the plays then make on the field. Its time to either put flags on the quarterbacks or allow defenders to do their job in a sport defined by its physicality and CRUSH the QB! “What the hell is going on out there?!”


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